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SCOR’s Singapore workplace transformation by Space Matrix focused on user-centric design, integrating collaboration and focused work settings to foster innovation, employee wellness, and a sense of community.

Blitz designed a 14,000 square-foot office for Poms & Associates in Calabasas with soft, earthy tones, fluid transitions, and multiple amenities to foster collaboration, socialization, and productivity in a unique space.

Spacewell designed a workspace for MetLife in Dubai focusing on employee well-being, creativity, and sustainability, featuring vibrant colors and achieving LEED Platinum Certification for environmental impact.

BIT CREATIVE Barnaba Grzelecki designed the headquarters of Decerto in Warsaw, reflecting trust and modernity through a dynamic and consistent interior design featuring copper accents and functional spaces for staff integration.

İkibiniki designed Bupa Acıbadem’s Istanbul office to prioritize collaboration and productivity with multifunctional areas, vibrant colors, ample natural light, and strategic layout for enhanced employee experience.

MF design studio in London created a bold and innovative design for Euler Hermes’ new head office in Canary Wharf, focusing on representing the company’s values with bold shapes, colors, and well-being considerations.

TSK Group partnered with Direct Line Group to design a vibrant central London headquarters, focusing on flexibility, collaboration, and sustainability to adapt to a changing digital landscape and support a managed hybrid work model.

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