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The STECON project by YAAF DESIGN in Bangkok redefines office spaces with diverse seating options, informal areas, townhall spaces, and a focus on employee comfort, collaboration, and productivity.

Focused on cultivating responsibility, Ignite by OnDemand in Bangkok mimics professional offices to prepare high schoolers for university, balancing seriousness with enjoyment through inspiring design elements by Paperspace.

HoAA Studio redesigned the U Chu Liang Building in Bangkok, honoring its Chinese heritage with modern updates and a human-centric design focused on blending tradition with innovation.

Bluebik Group’s Bangkok office by Paperspace features open workspaces with startup vibes, promoting collaboration and inclusivity, while its front-of-house area impresses visitors with a modern, professional design.

Led by popular YouTubers, Bearhouse & Sunsu’s office in Bangkok by Paperspace combines playful aesthetics resembling a café, fostering collaboration and innovation while serving as a backdrop for filming content.

JustCo designed the JustCo One City Centre coworking offices with natural light and nature-inspired materials…

YAAF Design was hired by CBRE Thailand to create a future-oriented workspace in Bangkok, featuring collaboration spaces, open office areas, and designated focus rooms.

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