Alcatel-Lucent – Milano Headquarters

  • Client Alcatel-Lucent,
  • size 355,209 sqft
  • Year 2014
  • Location Milan, Italy,
  • Industry Technology,
  • DEGW has developed a new headquarters design for Alcatel-Lucent located in Milan, Italy.

    With the aim of bringing together offices and laboratories in a new headquarter, Alcatel Lucent chose DEGW Italia to follow each step of the process ( occupational cost analysis, workplace change management , location and workplace strategy, space planning and interior design, sustainability) as to create a vibrant, energetic, professional center.

    After definiting the site, DEGW has worked closely to the client, to perfectly match his needs, and to deliver a tailored, integrated solution: through strategic thinking, company managers have been interviewed, and advices have been given about innovative use of workspace.

    “Alcatel Lucent needed a new headquarter: comfortable, technological and sustainable” says Alessandro Adamo DEGW Italia CEO “ So we have supported our client during all the process, from occupier strategy to interior design, including 7000 sq meters laboratories sustainability planning, where energy efficiency and architectural integration of plants criteria have been successfully applied. “The result is a colourful, functional, flexible, bright workspace able to foster both collaboration and privacy issues, well aligned with business objectives and brand vision.”

    The project
    The new headquarter host 1700 persons on 3.000 square meters area in Segro Energy Park, near to former headquarter. The campus is composed of a extensive hall acting as a central hub connecting 5 multi-storey volumes with different functions(offices, labs and multimedia center).

    The 2300 sqm hall is a double height space (4-7 meters) : fluid, open and articulated in special areas. ( reception and waiting area, informal and formal meeting, cleint area, a cafeteria).

    Adjacent to the hall, it is located the Multimedia Communication Center, a 1.200 mq space hosting 150 seats auditorium with foyer, a small 60 places amphitheater, and the university with meeting and training rooms.

    Into multilevel buildings are located offices (16.000 sqm ) and laboratories (6800 sqm).
    Office floor plan type optimizes building dimensions (22 x 80 meters) delivering open spaces, that stimulate interaction, and small private offices, when concentration is needed.

    The central hub is conceived as a sharing workstation and hosts touchdown areas, concentration rooms, copy areas and groups archives.

    The DEGW interior design featured a choice of natural materials such as wood, and neutral colours, white and grey , jazzed up by fluo color furniture. The laboratories show technological language by using high-tech materials: metal, glass, plants in view.

    Interior Design: DEGW
    Architectural Design: Garretti Associati
    Contractor: ISG
    Photography: Dario Tettamanzi