Livefirm and Aulfon Shared Offices – Auckland

  • Client Aulfon, Livefirm,
  • size 5,974 sqft
  • Year 2023
  • Location Auckland, New Zealand,
  • Industry Construction / Engineering,
  • Cachet Group created a shared office space for both Livefirm and Aulfon located in Auckland, New Zealand.

    Located in the bustling Industrial Business Hub of Onehunga, Auckland, this remarkable workplace is the proud home of Livefirm and Aulfon, two sister construction firms dedicated to delivering exceptional quality in the residential and commercial sectors.

    As the group embarked on a relocation journey to accommodate their expanding operations, they joined forces with Cachet Group to create a workplace design that breaks free from the confines of traditional office spaces.

    Drawing inspiration from the brand’s strong presence in the construction industry and the remarkable architectural features of the buildings, such as the striking black grid ceiling, the design concept was born.

    Moody, elusive and sophisticated, the design achieves this through the skillful use of black grooved paneling, warm walnut timbers, ambient lighting, and impeccably crafted joinery units embellished with brass accents. Each key area pays homage to these elements, starting right from the entrance area.

    Upon entering, visitors are greeted by a floor-to-ceiling custom joinery unit adorned with artwork, elegantly illuminated by feature lighting. A cozy lounge area awaits just around the corner, complete with a kitchenette inspired by a whiskey bar and softly lit by recessed ambient lights. The arrival space is thoughtfully designed with expansive black grooved paneling, concealing three discreet doorways that invite exploration further inside. Behind these doors, one discovers workspaces and meeting rooms featuring walnut timber joinery, live plants, and more captivating lighting that harmonizes with the overall concept.

    Upstairs, a spacious breakout area takes center stage. With its lofty ceilings, this space presented the perfect opportunity for Cachet to fully embody Livefirm’s identity. A custom feature panel with brass finishes adorns the tall wall, complemented by tan leather banquet seating and stone tables that mirror the island kitchen, gracefully placed throughout the area. Despite the kitchen’s rich black appearance, it does not overshadow the grandeur of the breakout space. A bespoke timber panel, adorned with planters, creates a visual separation between the workspace and the collaborative nook and larger breakout area, acting as a subtle curtain, teasing the space beyond.

    The project cleverly plays with the concept of moodiness, sophistication, and intrigue. Every element, meticulously chosen and expertly crafted, contributes to the overall vision, from the fluted glass and dark paneling to the storage units and timber screen.

    LiveFirm’s workplace emerges as a haven of unrivaled beauty and sophistication. Every detail stands as a testament to the boundless potential of design in transforming spaces into breathtaking experiences.

    Design: Cachet Group
    Design Team: Sarah-Jane Sullivan, Andrew Lowe, Jean-Pierre Girardin, TK Yong
    Photography: Studio Weir