Confidential Client Offices – Kansas City

Whitney Architects designed a unique and inviting Kansas City office for their client, which draws inspiration from the city’s art scene and incorporates local elements like a custom mural and neon sign.

  • Client Unnamed Company,
  • size 10,700 sqft
  • Year 2022
  • Location Kansas City, Missouri, United States,
  • Throughout Whitney’s partnership with our long-term confidential client, we have completed five locations for them—the most recent being their Kansas City office.

    Instead of employing a standardized design thread throughout their offices, each of our client’s locations has its own unique concept. The Kansas City office is heavily inspired by the city’s art scene. A custom mural created by local KC artist VIZIE captures the mood of the city’s graffiti district, and the neon KC heart sign outside of the conference room is a nod to the famous “Parade of Hearts” art campaign.

    Our client’s space exudes a warm and inviting feel while keeping true to the industrial spirit of Kansas City. Acoustical panels recall steel beams found in KC’s famous breweries and wallpaper mimics the bubbles found in beer. These thoughtful details bring this project to life!

    With no assigned seating and a wide variety of workspaces, employees at our client’s office have the option to work from any location comfortable to them. This office will serve as a guide for our client’s other locations on how to implement a free address workspace. They hope to attract employees back into the office with this hospitality-driven space full of local flare.

    Design: Whitney Architects
    Furniture Dealer: Working Spaces
    Photography: Nate Sheets Photography