Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research Offices – Potsdam

Kempfer Raumkonzepte renovated an entrance area into the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research offices including a work café, upgraded conference rooms, extended secretariat, and added lounge areas, focusing on sustainability and user comfort.

The entire entrance area was previously unused and was to be converted into a small temporary cafeteria that could be used as a “work café”. The new team of directors, a dual management team, was to be accommodated together in the former Schwarzschild room. The ceiling has historically valuable paintings. In addition, 2 conference rooms were to be redesigned and brought up to the latest technical standards. The secretariat was to be extended and its functionality significantly increased. In the side wings, there should be lounge areas for formal and informal meetings. A new staff kitchen and a separate catering kitchen for the temporary cafeteria were also to be built. On the second floor, an area that had previously been underutilized was also to be designed as a room with a lounge area.

Taking into account the requirements of monument protection, the design was to be measured particularly against the requirements of a circular construction process in terms of sustainability. Sustainability was seen as the basis here in terms of the products used (e.g. use of linoleum, cradle-to-cradle products, etc.). However, a second equally important aspect of sustainability is how long the useful life is. Short-lived trends are not in the spirit of sustainable planning. Acoustically effective surfaces, precise planning, especially of these high but small rooms, which go far beyond simple office furniture, contribute to the feel-good factor. Specially designed acoustic panels are used in the executive office, the secretary’s office and the conference rooms, some of which have the effect of works of art thanks to indirect lighting. We spend a lot of time in our offices these days, so it is all the more important that we feel comfortable there. Goal achieved, the users are very satisfied.

Design: Kempfer Raumkonzepte
Photography: Luca Girardini