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STUDIO VALE designed the Moss offices in Berlin with nature, play, and collaboration in mind, incorporating sustainable strategies and custom-made details.

Ester Bruzkus Architekten created the colorful and flexible workplace for Relaxound located in Berlin, Germany….

Woodalls Design collaborated with TomTom to create explorative offices in Berlin, focusing on reflecting the company's personality and values while considering the functionality and needs of the space.

Ester Bruzkus Architekten included playful prints and colors on a sleek backdrop for the PSD…

ACTINCOMMON designed the attractive and lively workplace for Elisabeth Vinzenz Verbund located in Berlin, Germany….

Preussisch Portugal redesigned Gravis' Berlin headquarters to create future agile work structures, with additional meeting zones, creative areas, space for focused work, and areas of retreat.

Balancing social space with privacy and focus, Ramboll's new office in Berlin offers a variety of environments for employees to choose from when innovating and creating.

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