The Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2016

We have once again found ourselves finishing up another spectacular year at Office Snapshots and have compiled the definitive list of the Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2016.

Past years: 2015, 2014, 2013, 2012

This year is extra special as well because this upcoming July marks Office Snapshots’ 10-year anniversary.

In that time we’ve published nearly 3000 offices from some 700 architecture and design firms from all corners of the globe. Having started the site mainly for a little bit of fun, I never would have imagined that it would become the most popular office design website in the world.

Up until about a month ago the site was also still a solo operation and I’m really excited that that is no longer the case.

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Thank you for making 2016 such a fantastic year! Now onto the winners…

#1: Centro (view project)
Design: Partners by Design
Photography: Tom Harris – Hedrich Blessing Photographers
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

#2: Wave Coworking (view project)
DesignSpatial Concept
Photography: Scott Brooks
Location: Hong Kong, China

#3: Instacart (view project)
DesignDesign Blitz
Photography: Jasper Sanidad
Location: San Francisco, California, USA

#4: Liander (view project)
DesignFokkema & Partners
Photography: Horizon Photoworks Rotterdam, Marcel van der Burg (Primabeeld)
Location: Duiven, Netherlands

#5: Gensler  (view project)
Photography: Jasper Sanidad
Location: Oakland, California, USA

#6: F88-Gplay Group (view project)
Design: D+Studio
Photography: Thien Thach
Location: Hanoi, Vietnam

#7: Paysafe (view project)
Design: Cache Atelier
Photography: Minko Minev
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria

#8: Dropbox (view project)
Photography: Casey Dunn
Location: Austin, Texas, USA

#9: Red Bull (view project)
DesignpS Arkitektur
Photography: Jason Strong Photography
Location: Stockholm, Sweden

#10: Harmonic (view project)
DesignSetter Architects
Photography: Inessa Binenbaum
Location: Caesarea, Israel

#11: Google (view project)
Photography: Halkin Mason Photography
Location: Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

#12: VICE Media (view project)
Photography: Adrien Williams
Location: Toronto, Canada

#13: Opera (view project)
Photography: Marcin Ratajczak, Maciej Dąbrowski
Location: Wroclaw, Poland

#14: Warner Music (view project)
DesignBean Buro
Photography: Courtesy Bean Buro
Location: Hong Kong, China

#15: NBBJ  (view project)
Photography: Sean Airhart
Location: Columbus, Ohio, USA

#16: Unispace (view project)
Photography: Trent Bell
Location: Seattle, Washington, USA

#17: Sonos (view project)
DesignIA Interior Architects
Photography: Robert Benson Photography
Location: Boston, Massachusetts, USA

#18: Paperwork (view project)
Photography: Chaichoompol Vathakanon
Location: Bangkok, Thailand

#19: RD Construction (view project)
DesignIND Office
Photography: Alexey Zarodov
Location: Moscow, Russia

#20: Dream (view project)
Photography: Steve Tsai
Location: Toronto, Canada

#21: King Games (view project)
Location: Barcelona, Spain

#22: Avast Software (view project)
Photography: Kristina Hrabětová
Location: Prague, Czech Republic

#23: Fullscreen (view project)
DesignRapt Studio
Photography: Eric Laignel
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

#24: Slate (view project)
Photography: Chris Cooper
Location: New York City, New York, USA

#25: BKM (view project)
DesignHollander Design Group
Photography: Jasper Sanidad
Location: San Diego, California, USA