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AVVO Architects designed a modern office space for Acey Engineering emphasizing minimalism, natural elements, multifunctionality, and brand identity integration to foster creativity, productivity, and employee satisfaction with a touch of nature.

ERRE arquitectura transformed an old space in Valencia into modern, flexible, and comfortable new offices for AT4, promoting communication and optimizing space with a focus on comfort, technology, and design.

Sid Lee Architecture designed Groupe Montoni’s new offices in Laval, emphasizing an interconnected environment with industrial elements, social spaces, and a focus on wellness and sustainability.

HLW designed Kingfisher’s London office with a focus on flexibility, sustainability, and decarbonisation, featuring adaptable workspaces, natural light, and a 78% reduction in embodied carbon emissions.

Burgess Design relocated a client’s US headquarters to Kirkland, incorporating Feng Shui principles in a design that balances focused work areas with flexible social spaces and natural elements.

The STECON project by YAAF DESIGN in Bangkok redefines office spaces with diverse seating options, informal areas, townhall spaces, and a focus on employee comfort, collaboration, and productivity.

Aura partnered with Robert Allan to design a modern workspace in Vancouver, seamlessly blending historical elements with cutting-edge technology to foster collaboration and innovation.

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