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The Capitolis project by ROMBO in Tel Aviv focuses on clean lines, minimal graphic elements, and a subdued color palette, creating a holistic office space collaboratively designed by company owners and partners.

Shir Bargil Studio was tasked with designing the offices of Tannin in Tel Aviv, creating a productive, warm, and inviting work environment that reflects the company’s identity through space division, color palette, and furniture.

Alter Studio utilized ample greenery throughout the Menora offices in Tel Aviv, Israel. Alter Studio…

Switchup designed a bright and welcoming space for the Datarails office in Tel Aviv, combining soothing colors with vibrant furniture and incorporating breakout areas for employee well-being.

Echo Design completed the Nutrino offices transforming a bare space into an open work environment…

Studio Keren Atzmon created the Signature-IT offices with an inviting design and natural light in…

Architect Yaron Eldad designed a unique office space for an artificial intelligence company in Tel Aviv, using an origami-inspired concept that includes a fabric-covered ceiling, wooden partitions, and minimalist design elements throughout the space.

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