The Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2021

By Stephen Searer / January 3, 2022

It is that time again for our annual look back at which projects our readers were most interested in: The Top 25 Most Popular Offices of 2021.

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Now onto the list…

#1: Inceptech (view project)
Design: Arch-Studio
Photography: Balázs Danyi
Location: Budapest, Hungary

#2: Architecht Information Systems (view project)
Design: Studio 13 Architects
Photography: İbrahim Özbunar
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

#3: EisnerAmper (view project)
Design: Francis Cauffman Architects
Photography: Frank Oudeman
Location: New York City, New York, USA

#4: Beymen Group (view project)
Design: Yalın Tan + Partners
Photography: İbrahim Özbunar
Location: Istanbul, Turkey

#5: Axpo Holding AG (view project)
Design: BoND
Photography: Eric Petschek
Location: New York City, New York, USA

#6: Boston Dynamics (view project)
Design: Bergmeyer
Photography: Anton Grassl
Location: Waltham, Massachusetts, USA

#7: Havas Group (view project)
Design: Hammond Studio
Photography: Terence Chin
Location: Sydney, Australia

#8: Confidential Client (view project)
Design: Open AD
Photography: Klavs Loris
Location: Riga, Latvia

#9: Accenture Offices – Phase 2 (view project)
Design: Corporate Office Solutions
Photography: Arthur Tintu
Location: Bucharest, Romania

#10: Unilever (view project)
Design: Joppich & Rieckhoff
Photography: Karsten Knocke
Location: Hamburg, Germany

#11: Jetbrains (view project)
Design: D/DOCK
Photography: Patrik Graf
Location: Munich, Germany

#12: Perkins&Will (view project)
Design: Perkins&Will
Photography: Garrett Rowland
Location: New York City, New York, USA

#13: Boston Consulting Group (view project)
Design: Charlie Greene Studio
Photography: Christopher Barrett
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

#14: Schöller SI (view project)
Design: Ippolito Fleitz Group
Photography: Philip Kottlorz
Location: Reutlingen, Germany

#15: Oracle (view project)
Design: Massive Design
Photography: Szymon Polański
Location: Warsaw, Poland

#16: Pernod Ricard (view project)
Design: Saguez & Partners
Photography: Eric Laignel, Frédéric Baron-Morin
Location: Paris, France

#17: Lyft (view project)
Design: STUDIOS Architecture
Photography: Bruce Damonte
Location: San Francisco, California, USA

#18: Delta Dental (view project)
Design: Stantec
Photography: Davis Lauer
Location: Denver, Colorado, USA

#19: Northern Trust (view project)
Design: HED
Photography: Kendall McCaugherty
Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

#20: Unity (view project)
Design: M Moser Associates
Photography: Alex Kendrick
Location: Brighton, UK

#21: Ducera Partners (view project)
Design: Ted Moudis Associates
Photography: Garrett Rowland
Location: New York City, New York, USA

#22: frog design (view project)
Design: Perkins&Will
Photography: Chase Daniel
Location: Austin, Texas, USA

#23: Aktion Mensch (view project)
Design: Ippolito Fleitz Group
Photography: Philip Kottlorz
Location: Bonn, Germany

#24: Brain Embassy (view project)
Design: Roy Davis Studio
Photography: Itay Benit
Location: Tel Aviv, Israel

#25: Parimatch Tech (view project)
Design: ZIKZAK architects
Photography: Andrey Avdeenko
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine